The black timber house is situated beside a rocky outcrop at the eastern end of Onetangi Beach on Waiheke Island. It is dug into the base of a steep slope and partially tucked behind a mature Pohutukawa tree. It is a holiday home for a couple, their children and grandchildren.

The main living areas and bedroom are elevated to the first floor opening onto decks on two sides; affording striking views down the beach and providing separation from the boating and activities below.

Onetangi 011

Onetangi 013

The house has an irregular, angular form that is responsive to its location and suggests an informality appropriate to a holiday home. The living spaces form a crescent shape which wraps around the pohutukawa and encloses an outdoor room with a fireplace. The irregular carved timber fins have an organic, textured quality animating the building edge, while providing screening from the road and a sense of enclosure to the upper deck and living areas. The simple roof is created from a single tilted plane which has been trimmed to fit the angular plan form, resulting in interior spaces with unusual geometries.

We have attempted to create a contemporary beach house with a strong local flavour, a sense of respect for its location and a commitment to the craft and delight of building.