Mission HomeGround
New hope for rough sleepers as Auckland City Mission new building begins

We are honoured and elated to share the recent announcement of Mission HomeGround and its expansion of services supported by the New Zealand government.
At a press event with Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, hosted at the Auckland City Mission, the government announced plans to support the funding of the HomeGround detox centre floors to reestablish the current beds available to those seeking positive change in their lives for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The detox centre is just one of many services provided by the City Mission to the Auckland community. We’re working with the Auckland City Mission on this very meaningful project and are excited to share more news with you in the coming future.

see Simon Wilson’s words in the Herald below:

“This is great for Auckland’s rough sleepers and it’s great for the city, and not just because of the extra beds. The project will allow the mission to provide integrated, wraparound services for some of the city’s most vulnerable people. There’s good science behind the approach and the outcomes are likely to be long term…”